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11 reasons why you should track your dog with GPS

Dogs have a way of getting themselves into trouble, even when we’re super careful! Here are 11 other reasons why you should track your dog with GPS:

1. Many dogs suffer from noise anxiety
Approximately 40% of dogs experience some kind of noise anxiety which can cause them to bolt unexpectedly. Under these circumstances, they can get far very quickly and it can be difficult to know where to look without help. A dog GPS tracker allows you to follow your dog on your phone until they’re safely back in your custody.
2. Every second counts when your dog goes missing
If you’re a pet owner you know they find unimaginable ways of escaping. If it happens when you’re least expecting it, several hours or even days can pass before you realize what has happened. With a GPS tracker, you are notified within minutes of an escape at which time you can take immediate action and avoid a tragic situation.
3. You should be extra careful when traveling with your dog
Many families will take their dog(s) with them when traveling which presents many opportunities for your dog to escape in unfamiliar areas. A GPS tracking device serves as a safety measure for traveling families with dogs.
4. Dogs will instinctively chase things
Your dog could be very well behaved in most circumstances but if a squirrel, cat or other animal tempts their instincts, you may find they disappear within seconds! You can never underestimate an animal’s instincts and it only takes one time to disappear. A dog tracker can help avoid hours and possibly days of searching.
5. Dogs are masters of digging and jumping
Sure, a fence is a great concept and will work 9 out of 10 times but what happens when your dog starts digging or realizes he can jump over that secured area? You find yourself with a missing animal. Make sure you have protection in place to know if there is an escape and how to recover the escapee.
6. Visitors and children will leave the door open
It’s probably happened to all pet owners at one time or another, even the most careful ones. Avoid the panic and be prepared for simple accidents.
7. Dognapping is a real possibility
Research shows about 10% of ‘lost animal’ cases are reported as theft and it’s on the rise. For example, theft reports have risen 22% in two years in England and Wales. With pedigree dogs costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, it’s no surprise that some dogs are stolen and sold on the cheap. It’s extremely upsetting but important for dog owners to be aware of the danger and to take all precautions possible.
8. Changes in activity can indicate illness
The Pod GPS Tracker has a bonus feature of tracking your dog’s activity on a daily basis. It can take an owner an extended period of time to notice a change in activity but the tracker will help to flag these changes immediately allowing you to act sooner.
9. Adopted dogs and rescue dogs can have an unknown past
Adopting a dog is both a heroic and rewarding experience but can come with its challenges. It is hard to be sure of the dog’s history so behavior may be unpredictable with various sounds, commands and other stimuli triggering new reactions. Your dog will also be getting used to a new environment and a GPS can give the peace of mind knowing you can keep a closer eye on your new pet.
10. Raising a dog is usually a group effort
GPS tracking gives dog owners a tool to ensure their pups are being taken care of properly when they can’t be there. The tracker allows dog walkers to record their walk to share at a later time. It also gives the option to the neighbor or family member to check in on your dog if you go traveling and leave your pet with someone else.
11. Dogs are part of the family…so we should treat them like family! That means making sure to take care of them!


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