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Pet LED Light Urine Detector Petizshop
Pet LED Light Urine Detector Petizshop
Pet LED Light Urine Detector
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    Pet LED Light Urine Detector

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    Do You Want To Find Your Pet's Hidden Urine? This Unique Pet Urine Detector Will Do The Job For You! Save Energy & Time!

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    How It Works:

    It works by detecting elements in your pet's urine and illuminating them so the stain is visible to the human eye. You will be able to easily remove the source of the odor on your floors or carpet as our powerful flashlight will make dry stains glow. 

    Exclusive Design:

    It is made from lightweight durable material for top quality assurance. The UV LED light bulbs provide a bright strong constant uninterrupted stream of powerful light that illuminates stains on contact. Its ergonomic lightweight design makes it easy for anyone to use.

    Unlimited Uses:

    It does not only detect pets urine but can be used to detect stains from rodents and unwanted pests. It can be used to detect stains on furniture, bookshelves, inside vents, clothing, cloth decorations and anywhere else you can think of!


    It is not limited to pets and can also be used for forgery analysis as the UV Light will illuminate fake bank notes, standard checks, and traveler's checks. UV Light can be used to identify your automotive oil leaks as well

    Additional Information:

    ✔ Battery type: AA 

    ✔ Model Of LED beads: UV

    ✔ Waterproof

    ✔ Wattage: 3-5 W

    ✔ Light distance up to 50 M

    Package Includes:

    1 complete pet urine led light