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Ultimate Dog Walking Leash
Ultimate Dog Walking Leash
Ultimate Dog Walking Leash Petizshop
Ultimate Dog Walking Leash
Ultimate Dog Walking Leash

    Ultimate Dog Walking Leash

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    Your Dog Is Pulling Away During Walks & You're Struggling With Disciplining Your Best Friend To Walk Properly? The Ultimate Dog Walking Leash Provides Gentle But Firm Resistance To Discourage Your Dog From Pulling & It Attaches To Any Collar! 

    Key Benefits:

    ✔ Fits all dog breeds in all sizes & attaches to any kind of collar

    ✔ Prevents the pressure on the dog's neck made by regular neck leashes

    ✔ Recommended by positive-based dog trainers

    ✔ Soft-Touch Handle-For your hand's comfort

    ✔ Have complete control over your dog while walking

    ✔ Walk multiple dogs with confidence

    ✔ No choke & specially designed for stopping your dog from pulling away

    ✔ Nearly 2 times thicker and stronger than standard dog leashes

    Why Ultimate Dog Walking Leash?

    The patent design converts to a "no-pull" solution in seconds.

    ❌ No complicated harnesses

    ❌ No irritating head-collars

    ❌ No more wasting energy & time on training while walking your dog

    Applying The Leash On Your Dog:

    1. Attach the Ultimate Dog Walking Leash to your dog's collar

    2. Adjust the O-ring location by loosening the crossbar and sliding the ring (O ring should be located down the back of your dog)

    3. Tighten the crossbar and pull the leash slightly

    4. Hold the O-ring in place while looping handle around the hips & under the abdomen

    5. Pull the handle through the O-ring and pull snug

    6. Your Ultimate Dog Walking Leash & dog are good to go!

    What To Do When Your Dog Is Pulling?

    When your dog disobeys/pulling away, tug the leash tight and continue walking having a leash tugging on his/her midsection. It will feel strange to your dog at first, but after your dog gets used to your new Ultimate Dog Walking Leash, your dog will become relaxed and walk calmly!




    Leash Length: 70 CM | 27.5'

    Material: High-quality nylon

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    Package Includes:

    1 X Ultimate Dog Walking Leash

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